Nov 24

Back to where it all started: Portorosa!

We checked constantly the weather forecast yesterday and this morning. We were just waiting for the wind to calm down for some hours so we could return to Portorosa (our initial Harbour).

Our return flight is this Sunday so we need to be latest on Friday back to Portorosa.

Initially we were planning to leave on Thursday. The weather was supposed to calm down until then. Friday however, was supposed to be bad: the weather forecast for Lipari was of wind with ca. 50 knots for Friday afternoon. We needed to leave latest on Thursday!!!

Around 11:00 am we checked the weather forecast again and we noticed that the forecast had changed and the weather was not as good as we expected for Thursday. :-(

The weather today was not perfect but it was still ok. We decided to leave immediately to Portorosa and not to run the risk of getting stuck in Lipari. We still had 5 hours until sunset so we had to hurry up!

The trip run without any problems. We had strong gusts and the wind was not what you can call “weak” but we managed it all without any problems …and without sails ;-)

It was amazing: we were under engine but we felt like we were sailing :-D The waves were high but not very steep but not dangerous.

It was an adventurous and great last trip with our “Senza Dubbi”!!!

We were also lucky with the weather: somehow we managed to escape rain and the sun shined most of the time!

We were glad by the time we got to the Marina: we were both tired and a huge dark cloud was getting to close!!

And now: well….we’re back to where we started…back to Portorosa!


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  1. Susana sagt:

    As fotos estão fantásticas!
    Divirtam-se e aproveitem os últimos cartuchos!
    Su e Rik