Nov 21

Day trip to Filicudi

The sun shined the whole day. Today we decided to visit Fulicudi. The weather was not good enough to stay there for the night so we just sailed around the island and returned to Marina in Salina.

At Filicudi there is a very known cave which we tried to visit. Basti has been there before and he says it’s really beautiful.

First the wind was too weak for sailing but it changed later and we were able to sail for a while.

Unfortunately, the sea was a little rough so we only saw the Cave from the outside. Once again I “pressed the chicken button” and didn’t dare to take go alone with the dinghy inside the cave. The waves were too strong and big for the Dinghy :-(

So…after some photos and Basti fishing a fish for dinner, we continued our trip around the island and back to Salina.

Luckily we had fish today so the Menu changed: instead of scrambled eggs I tried to cook curry with fish! Hummm…as you can see from the photos I was not very confident and sure about what I was doing!!! Well….I did have to improvise since we couldn’t get any Coconut milk in the island (all shops were closed -> it’s Sunday!).

Let’s say: it was ok! We were able to eat it…not bad at all! But I think I need to improve my cooking skills when it comes to cook rice or curry!


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  1. Peri sagt:

    ummm, what BIG waves were you talking about??

    Nice fish!!