Nov 20


We changed Marina today…after 6 nights in Lipari we decided to try another Marina: there are only two in the Aeolian islands so there was no big discussion about which Island to visit next :-)

We left Lipari in the morning and tried to sail along its west coast towards Salina. We managed to sail with the Gennaker for a while but the wind disappeared in less then one hour :-(

We turned the engine on and continued our trip to Salina. Today it was warmer then yesterday and we could mostly just wear a longsleeve. Instead of going straight to the Marina we used the last sunny hours to tour around Salina and try to fish something….we had again no fish today :-(

As we got to Salina the sun had already disappeared at the horizon. By the time we visit the small fisher village it was already dark -> therefore no pictures today from the beautiful small town.

Interesting is though: we didn’t feel like cooking today so we looked for a restaurant. It sounds weird/unbelievable but they were all closed!!!! We walked and we walked and we looked and we asked around: nop….they all close during winter! So…I had to cook again today …poor Basti: scrambled eggs with salad for dinner!

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