Nov 18

Trip to Vulcano

The wind did blow as forecasted last night. Somehow, we’re getting used to the shaking and blowing and all these noises!

We decided to have a short trip today so we just went to “Vulcano”: the closest neighbour island from our Marina. In less then 1hour we were there and we anchored the boat at “Porto Levante” (Basti knew the place already from last year).

We went to land with the dinghy and my first impression of the island was: it stinks!!! The smell was so strong I didn’t know if I wanted to continue our visit or just go back to the boat and sail away as fast as possible! How it stunk…worst then “rotten eggs”!!!

Basti made me continue the walk: we wanted to go to the top of the volcano and visit the “Gran Cratere”.

Somehow, as we walked through the small village towards the volcano the smell kind of disappeared: it was not completely gone but it was better.

The “Gran Cratere” is only 391m high and is very easy to access. We took less then one hour to get to the top.

The View from there was great: we could see all other 6 Aeolian islands…Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi! And we could see our small boat safely anchored at the bay :-)

It was interesting to watch from close the gas coming out of the mountain and the yellow stones (yellow due to the sulphuric gas).

On the way back to the yacht we passed by a therapeutic mud bath (known as “Laghetto di Fanghi”). Basti wanted to go in but I couldn’t: it stunk sooooo much you could get sick!

Fortunately I managed to convince him to go fishing instead of “stinky mud bathing” ;-)


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  1. Peri sagt:

    ooooooh! come on Sonia!! we wanted to see some mud bathing pictures!! And you guys looked cold, so it would have been a nice warm bath for you:)
    Well, now yo have to wait for the volcano to warm you up ;)