Nov 16

Lazy day at Lipari

The wind and the rain woke us up today. It also got colder last night: now it’s really time for winter clothes!

The weather forecast for today and tomorrow is not very good. We want to visit Stromboli but we need to wait for the wind to calm down so we can sail to the volcano island.

The prevision was of 7bft for this afternoon so we just spent the day relaxing, surfing in internet, reading and waiting for the strong wind to come! We did have some strong wind gusts but nothing like it was forecasted!

For dinner we cooked the rest of the calamari (squids): we did “Calamari Curry” with rice. It was the first time both of us cooked curry. No worries: it was delicious!!! It’s not so difficult to cook curry as we thought :-D

The only thing about the curry is: we couldn’t eat it all….we still have enough for another big meal!!! Hummmm….kind of getting tired of eating calamari!!!!

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