Okt 22

Archaological Park of Siracusa and Marzamemi

Before we left Siracusa we visited the “Archeological Park of Neapolis”.

The Park includes a roman amphitheatre, a greek theatre (which is very big and still in use today… in the summer months only) and an amazing huge cave known as “the Ear of Dionysius”!

It was really worth the walk and the time! The most impressive was really the Cave … it has an incredible acoustic!

Just one tip if you ever think about vising the Park: you need to have cash with you in order to buy the ticket. They don’t accept any card and the next ATM is 10 to 15 minutes walking (we know it…we ha to do it!).

On our way back to the yacht we passed by the very famous Siracusa’s sanctuary “Santurario Madonna delle Lacrime”. We were kind of disappointed: from the see it looks like an amazing construction, but once you get close it is just a huge cement block….well, it’s purpose is more religious …

We left to Marzamemi around midday. The see was a little rough in the beginning but as the time passed by it got smoother. Sometime on the way we even got the visit of a school of dolphins! In fact, we saw more then once a school of dolphins passing by. Coolll…. we missed the dolphins. It was a long time ago, the last time we’ve seen them! We tried to film them but it didn’t get very good…we put our best online so, see if you can see the dolphins ;-)

We don’t have any photos from here since we had to get our yacht ready for the big trip tomorrow. We’re planning to leave around 06.00 am and need to have everything ready before we go to bed! Our next destination: Malta!


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  1. Peri sagt:

    Wow! That whole area looks pretty cool with the big cave and waterfall and the theater. Would be nice to have a picnic there in summer with a concert:)

    And the dolphins are cool too!! No problem seeing them in the video :)