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Nov 15

Big calamari

The weather prevision for today was of no wind and sun the whole day. We decided to use the day to get to know Lipari (the city) and put some things in order in the boat.

It was warm enough today for us (tourists) to wear just a t-shirt and shorts. It was funny however: the locals were wearing winter clothes the whole time :-D

During our tour Basti bought a hook so we can get his big fish easier inside the boat (once he fishes one!) and we also bought some more baits for calamari fishing.

Since we’re not expecting wind tonight, we decided to go “Calamari fishing”!

As we got back to the boat we started preparing our fishing gear for tonight: select the baits and fix them to the line; get the dinghy ready, get warm clothes,…

Just before the sun disappeared in the horizon we were both in the dinghy and outside the marina: it was “Calamari” time!!!

And tonight we were really successful!!! Check the photos please!!!! I got one first (and quite a huge one!!!! …. In fact it was the biggest tonight!) and Basti got another one just after me!!!! They were so big and fat that we weren’t able to eat them all tonight :-D