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Nov 14


We slept really bad today! Not because of the wind but because we got a bad place in the Marina and our boat swung the whole night (rollercoaster feeling again :-( )! It was incredible!!! Around 07:00 am we were already up and getting ready to leave.

Before we left however, Basti had to do a short dive below our boat since we had the feeling something was blocking the propeller/screw. He was right: there was a fishing line around it (check the photos)!!!

Well, problem was solved so it’s time to leave: Lipari here we go!!!

First we had to go through the Strait of Messina which connects the Tyrrhenian Sea with the Ionian Sea. The Strait was “crowded” with big ships! It was a stressed cross: watching for big ships heading to us and avoiding the swirls!!!

Once outside the strait the way was free and the wind showed up so we could sail for a while.

It was a warm day today and we enjoyed the sailing as long as it lasted!

We arrived Lipari in the middle of the afternoon. We were both very tired from the last sleepless night. We just had a short walk around the Marina and after dinner in boat we went straight to bed!!!

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