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Nov 13


A wonderful day today: a clear blue sky the whole morning and it was warm enough to just wear a t-shirt (in the morning only!)!

By the time we left Riposto you still could see the Etna very clearly (check the photos ;-) ) and we both had the feeling it was summer again :-D

As we got closer to Messina the sky got clouder and darker and it got colder too :-(

It was cool to watch the small swirls in water: there are a lot of them in the Strait of Messina!!! The current over there was also so strong that we were half fast (it slowed us down 3 knots!!!). We needed 1 hour instead of the planned half an hour to get to the Marina!!!

We both tried to fish something the whole trip … Basti had a couple of fishes biting his bait but … they all got away :-(

We had pasta with bacon for dinner …. I’m still waiting for us to get a fish so I can try some new recipes ;-)

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