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Nov 07

Thunderstorms at Siracusa

We took the day off today and went to Saro’s place for lunch. We ended up spending the afternoon with Saro and his family chatting about our experiences. Meanwhile it started to rain and a strong thunderstorm hit Siracusa. When we got to the Marina the coastal guard’s boat was at the entrance so as group of 10 men. We checked what was going on: a yacht was under strong “attack” by the waves against a wall close to the Marina’s entrance! Everyone was trying to help but the wind and the waves were not helping. Since we couldn’t do too much we went to our boat and checked if everything was fine. It was everything ok. Later, we saw the Coastal Guard’s boat with the sailing boat behind moving to a safer docking place.

It was good they managed to move the yacht: we had strong thunders and lightnings for several hours. The wind got weaker late at night but it was not a quiet night at all!

The following video was done between 2 of the several thunderstorms…

Mille grazie Saro e familia

Mille grazie Saro e familia

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