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Nov 03

Marina di Ragusa

We woke up early today and left the Marina right after breakfast: we didn’t want to loose time since the days are shorter now and we are not very keen on arriving in a new Marina by night.

The sun was shining and the wind startet to blow after a couple of hours so we were able to sail for a while. It was a nice farewell to Malta! :-)

Opposite to our last trip to Malta there were not so many boats around us this time: I could have a short nap in the morning (and Basti had his photo!!! :-( )

By the time we got close to Sicily the weather startet changing and there were some dark big clouds approaching the coast. We slowed down our velocity since we didn’t want to get hit by any storm while in the water.

We were able to watch from the yacht and in a significant distance how the clouds/storm approached the coastal area and a torrent of water fell over the coast! Thunders and lightnings were far away enough from us!!!

In between we also realized how some small waterspouts (kind of tornado) were forming below some dark clouds…and that was scary!!! Some of them were small and would just last for a minute or two … others got longer and almost touched the water surface…and they were strong enough so you could see foam on the water surface going up (better check the photos)! We could watch them growing and disappearing …I was really scared and just wanted to get away from them!

We slowed down again and fortunately the dark clouds got away towards the coast, right in front of us!

By the time we got to the Marina the sun was shining again!