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Nov 15

Big calamari

The weather prevision for today was of no wind and sun the whole day. We decided to use the day to get to know Lipari (the city) and put some things in order in the boat.

It was warm enough today for us (tourists) to wear just a t-shirt and shorts. It was funny however: the locals were wearing winter clothes the whole time :-D

During our tour Basti bought a hook so we can get his big fish easier inside the boat (once he fishes one!) and we also bought some more baits for calamari fishing.

Since we’re not expecting wind tonight, we decided to go “Calamari fishing”!

As we got back to the boat we started preparing our fishing gear for tonight: select the baits and fix them to the line; get the dinghy ready, get warm clothes,…

Just before the sun disappeared in the horizon we were both in the dinghy and outside the marina: it was “Calamari” time!!!

And tonight we were really successful!!! Check the photos please!!!! I got one first (and quite a huge one!!!! …. In fact it was the biggest tonight!) and Basti got another one just after me!!!! They were so big and fat that we weren’t able to eat them all tonight :-D


Nov 14


We slept really bad today! Not because of the wind but because we got a bad place in the Marina and our boat swung the whole night (rollercoaster feeling again :-( )! It was incredible!!! Around 07:00 am we were already up and getting ready to leave.

Before we left however, Basti had to do a short dive below our boat since we had the feeling something was blocking the propeller/screw. He was right: there was a fishing line around it (check the photos)!!!

Well, problem was solved so it’s time to leave: Lipari here we go!!!

First we had to go through the Strait of Messina which connects the Tyrrhenian Sea with the Ionian Sea. The Strait was “crowded” with big ships! It was a stressed cross: watching for big ships heading to us and avoiding the swirls!!!

Once outside the strait the way was free and the wind showed up so we could sail for a while.

It was a warm day today and we enjoyed the sailing as long as it lasted!

We arrived Lipari in the middle of the afternoon. We were both very tired from the last sleepless night. We just had a short walk around the Marina and after dinner in boat we went straight to bed!!!

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Nov 13


A wonderful day today: a clear blue sky the whole morning and it was warm enough to just wear a t-shirt (in the morning only!)!

By the time we left Riposto you still could see the Etna very clearly (check the photos ;-) ) and we both had the feeling it was summer again :-D

As we got closer to Messina the sky got clouder and darker and it got colder too :-(

It was cool to watch the small swirls in water: there are a lot of them in the Strait of Messina!!! The current over there was also so strong that we were half fast (it slowed us down 3 knots!!!). We needed 1 hour instead of the planned half an hour to get to the Marina!!!

We both tried to fish something the whole trip … Basti had a couple of fishes biting his bait but … they all got away :-(

We had pasta with bacon for dinner …. I’m still waiting for us to get a fish so I can try some new recipes ;-)

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Nov 12

Marina di Riposto

We left in the morning to Riposto. We both missed the sea and Basti had bought a new fishing-bait he was desperate to try. It was a short trip to Riposto so we decided to focus more on fishing then on sailing :-)

We didn’t fish anything…a couple of fishes bit the bait but somehow they managed to get away :-(

In between the wind and the waves got a little stronger then expected so we decided to stop wandering around and head to the Marina.

We’ve been to Riposto before so we had no big tour today through town. After a great warm shower in the Marina we went for dinner in town. No fish today for dinner :-( but we had to celebrate our 2029 nautical miles.

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Nov 11

Last day at Catania

Today, I flew back to Catania… the whole day travelling :-(

Basti has the yacht ready for us to leave tomorrow morning :-D

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Nov 10

Still waiting in Catania

Still in Portugal.

Basti has started preparing the yacht so we can leave on Friday morning.

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Nov 09

Stop-over at Catania

I had to fly to Portugal for a couple of days (personal reasons … nothing to do with the trip). I’m flying back on Thursday.

Basti is staying in Catania and taking care of the yacht :-)

No photos today :-(

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Nov 08

Back to Catania

We woke up really early today. We had checked several weather forecasts and they all had different prognoses :-( One thing they all agreed: the wind was to be weaker in the morning and increase in the afternoon. It was also to be stronger in Siracusa then in Catania.

We wanted to go to Catania today so as we woke up and realized that the wind was really weaker then what was expected we just got ready and left the Marina as quick as we could.

We wanted to get as soon as possible to Catania before the wind would get stronger.

The trip went fine and the wind did get stronger. We managed to get around lunch time to Catania: a really good timing.

We spent the afternoon cleaning the boat and putting things in order…nothing special :-(

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Nov 07

Thunderstorms at Siracusa

We took the day off today and went to Saro’s place for lunch. We ended up spending the afternoon with Saro and his family chatting about our experiences. Meanwhile it started to rain and a strong thunderstorm hit Siracusa. When we got to the Marina the coastal guard’s boat was at the entrance so as group of 10 men. We checked what was going on: a yacht was under strong “attack” by the waves against a wall close to the Marina’s entrance! Everyone was trying to help but the wind and the waves were not helping. Since we couldn’t do too much we went to our boat and checked if everything was fine. It was everything ok. Later, we saw the Coastal Guard’s boat with the sailing boat behind moving to a safer docking place.

It was good they managed to move the yacht: we had strong thunders and lightnings for several hours. The wind got weaker late at night but it was not a quiet night at all!

The following video was done between 2 of the several thunderstorms…

Mille grazie Saro e familia

Mille grazie Saro e familia

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Nov 06

Sirakusa and a school of dolphins

We travelled back to Siracusa today. The day started a little grey but the sun soon came out.

On the way we had a great surprise: we had a visit (more than once) of a school of dolphins! The dolphins were everywhere and were so many! Coming and going for an half an hour!!! Amazing…we managed to get a short video….take a look ;-)

At Siracusa we called Saro. He picked us up from the Marina and we had dinner at his place. We met his wife, son and daughter in law. It was a very very nice evening and the food was great (his wife can cook so much better then me!!!). The comunication was funny: italian, spanish, portuguese and a little english ;-) We really enjoyed the evening! Thank you Saro :-)