Nov 25

Cleaning and Packing

Good we didn’t wait for today to return to Portorosa! It rained more then yesterday and the wind still blew strong.

We spent most of the time today packing our stuff and cleaning the boat (what we could…inside is a big chaos right now!!!)

Once we got most of the stuff packed we went for a short walk to a nearby village. Guess what: all shops were closed! Well…not really all of them: a “Café” and an “Ice-Cream Shop” were still open :-)

We got something to eat and returned to the boat…it’s just to cold outside!

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Nov 24

Back to where it all started: Portorosa!

We checked constantly the weather forecast yesterday and this morning. We were just waiting for the wind to calm down for some hours so we could return to Portorosa (our initial Harbour).

Our return flight is this Sunday so we need to be latest on Friday back to Portorosa.

Initially we were planning to leave on Thursday. The weather was supposed to calm down until then. Friday however, was supposed to be bad: the weather forecast for Lipari was of wind with ca. 50 knots for Friday afternoon. We needed to leave latest on Thursday!!!

Around 11:00 am we checked the weather forecast again and we noticed that the forecast had changed and the weather was not as good as we expected for Thursday. :-(

The weather today was not perfect but it was still ok. We decided to leave immediately to Portorosa and not to run the risk of getting stuck in Lipari. We still had 5 hours until sunset so we had to hurry up!

The trip run without any problems. We had strong gusts and the wind was not what you can call “weak” but we managed it all without any problems …and without sails ;-)

It was amazing: we were under engine but we felt like we were sailing :-D The waves were high but not very steep but not dangerous.

It was an adventurous and great last trip with our “Senza Dubbi”!!!

We were also lucky with the weather: somehow we managed to escape rain and the sun shined most of the time!

We were glad by the time we got to the Marina: we were both tired and a huge dark cloud was getting to close!!

And now: well….we’re back to where we started…back to Portorosa!


Nov 23

Waiting in Lipari for the weather to get better

As forecasted the weather got really worse. We didn’t leave the boat today: we had food, water and electricity on board…everything we needed for the day!

Sorry but there isn’t much to report…. we made a video from the “nice weather” as souvenir ;-)


Nov 22

Back to Lipari

The weather is going to get worse: we’re expecting strong winds and rain for the next days. Since the Marina in Salina doesn’t offer a good protection from the winds coming, we had to change Marina à back to Lipari again!

It was not easy to leave the Marina at Salina though. Basti did a great manoeuvre: I think that even the workers at the Marina which came to help us, were impressed! He really knows now what he’s doing and is much more confident behind the wheel then for 3 months ago! Really top!

The way back to Lipari was cool: we had strong wind from behind but the waves were not big. We made a small video…you have to check it!


Nov 21

Day trip to Filicudi

The sun shined the whole day. Today we decided to visit Fulicudi. The weather was not good enough to stay there for the night so we just sailed around the island and returned to Marina in Salina.

At Filicudi there is a very known cave which we tried to visit. Basti has been there before and he says it’s really beautiful.

First the wind was too weak for sailing but it changed later and we were able to sail for a while.

Unfortunately, the sea was a little rough so we only saw the Cave from the outside. Once again I “pressed the chicken button” and didn’t dare to take go alone with the dinghy inside the cave. The waves were too strong and big for the Dinghy :-(

So…after some photos and Basti fishing a fish for dinner, we continued our trip around the island and back to Salina.

Luckily we had fish today so the Menu changed: instead of scrambled eggs I tried to cook curry with fish! Hummm…as you can see from the photos I was not very confident and sure about what I was doing!!! Well….I did have to improvise since we couldn’t get any Coconut milk in the island (all shops were closed -> it’s Sunday!).

Let’s say: it was ok! We were able to eat it…not bad at all! But I think I need to improve my cooking skills when it comes to cook rice or curry!


Nov 20


We changed Marina today…after 6 nights in Lipari we decided to try another Marina: there are only two in the Aeolian islands so there was no big discussion about which Island to visit next :-)

We left Lipari in the morning and tried to sail along its west coast towards Salina. We managed to sail with the Gennaker for a while but the wind disappeared in less then one hour :-(

We turned the engine on and continued our trip to Salina. Today it was warmer then yesterday and we could mostly just wear a longsleeve. Instead of going straight to the Marina we used the last sunny hours to tour around Salina and try to fish something….we had again no fish today :-(

As we got to Salina the sun had already disappeared at the horizon. By the time we visit the small fisher village it was already dark -> therefore no pictures today from the beautiful small town.

Interesting is though: we didn’t feel like cooking today so we looked for a restaurant. It sounds weird/unbelievable but they were all closed!!!! We walked and we walked and we looked and we asked around: nop….they all close during winter! So…I had to cook again today …poor Basti: scrambled eggs with salad for dinner!

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Nov 19


We did a day trip to Panarea today and returned to the Marina in Lipari for the night.

It was a little cold but it was really nice whenever the sun came out. We had a great sailing day today…the wind blew constantly and not to weak, not to strong…and in the right direction! We enjoyed sailing so much that we didn’t stop in Panarea to visit the small village. We were having so much fun …why stop???!

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Nov 18

Trip to Vulcano

The wind did blow as forecasted last night. Somehow, we’re getting used to the shaking and blowing and all these noises!

We decided to have a short trip today so we just went to “Vulcano”: the closest neighbour island from our Marina. In less then 1hour we were there and we anchored the boat at “Porto Levante” (Basti knew the place already from last year).

We went to land with the dinghy and my first impression of the island was: it stinks!!! The smell was so strong I didn’t know if I wanted to continue our visit or just go back to the boat and sail away as fast as possible! How it stunk…worst then “rotten eggs”!!!

Basti made me continue the walk: we wanted to go to the top of the volcano and visit the “Gran Cratere”.

Somehow, as we walked through the small village towards the volcano the smell kind of disappeared: it was not completely gone but it was better.

The “Gran Cratere” is only 391m high and is very easy to access. We took less then one hour to get to the top.

The View from there was great: we could see all other 6 Aeolian islands…Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi! And we could see our small boat safely anchored at the bay :-)

It was interesting to watch from close the gas coming out of the mountain and the yellow stones (yellow due to the sulphuric gas).

On the way back to the yacht we passed by a therapeutic mud bath (known as “Laghetto di Fanghi”). Basti wanted to go in but I couldn’t: it stunk sooooo much you could get sick!

Fortunately I managed to convince him to go fishing instead of “stinky mud bathing” ;-)


Nov 17

Exploring the Lipari Island

The night was not as bad as expected. We were expecting the wind to increase during the night and having to spend the night checking the moorings but…nothing happened! We both slept well and were happy the weather forecast was once again wrong ;-)

The weather is however still not good enough to go to Stromboli. Since it wasn’t raining today we just used the day to get to know a little more of the island. A taxi driver made us a good offer for a 1h excursion through the main island’s “villages”/spots and so we got the chance to explore the island comfortably by car!

We stopped first at Canneto where you can find the longest beach on the island and watch the other islands “Panarea” and “Stromboli”.

Then he drove us to Acquacalda and showed us on the way the old “pumice stone” (de: “Bimsstein” ) quarries. This volcanic stone (Pumice) is used for the production of cement or as a cosmetic exfoliant. The quarries are however no longer being explored.

Opposite to Acquacalda we could see the neighbour island “Salina”.

From there he drove us through Quatropani and Pianoconte back to Lipari (the city). At Pianoconte we had a short stop to take some photos from the neighbour island “Vulcano” and its big crater which is constantly releasing smoke (unfortunately not visible today due to the strong wind!).

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Nov 16

Lazy day at Lipari

The wind and the rain woke us up today. It also got colder last night: now it’s really time for winter clothes!

The weather forecast for today and tomorrow is not very good. We want to visit Stromboli but we need to wait for the wind to calm down so we can sail to the volcano island.

The prevision was of 7bft for this afternoon so we just spent the day relaxing, surfing in internet, reading and waiting for the strong wind to come! We did have some strong wind gusts but nothing like it was forecasted!

For dinner we cooked the rest of the calamari (squids): we did “Calamari Curry” with rice. It was the first time both of us cooked curry. No worries: it was delicious!!! It’s not so difficult to cook curry as we thought :-D

The only thing about the curry is: we couldn’t eat it all….we still have enough for another big meal!!! Hummmm….kind of getting tired of eating calamari!!!!

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